Capture images quickly using your mobile device to relay timely information to your team members and stakeholders. Combine images and track status via the cloud.

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Emphasize the important parts of images with lines, arrows, circles, polygons, checkmarks and crosses. Add more clarity to images with floating notes and paragraphs of text.

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Send your report to the rest of the team and/or the client as a PDF or DOCX. You can also send invitations to collaborate with team members on reports.

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Mobile and Desktop

Bring your office to the field! You can start a report on your phone and finish it on your desktop. Or, have a team member start a report on the desktop and finish it on the mobile. Whether in the field or at the office, Report and Run let’s you quickly create and send reports.

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User Guide

Learn how to get the most out of Report and Run Cloud with our user guide.

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